Level: 20
Faction: Banzai Squadron
Price: 1000
Alias: Flapjack

Flapjack is a playable Exosuit of the Banzai Squadron on Project Exonaut. His Weapon Mod increases the firing rate of the Tridex. Flapjack is available for purchase at level 20 for 1000 coins.

In The ShowEdit

Flapjack is a pirate along with Captin K'nuckles, inside Bubbie the whale, searching for the Candy Island. He meets various other pirates and Sea Monsters, most of which try to kill him. He lives on the docks of a harbor (Stormalong Harbor). Flapjack is generally unintelligent and over optimistic, but he is also capable of heroic acts.

Physical differencesEdit

In the show, Flapjack has an unrealisticly large head, striped shirt and blue pants wit ha deli cap and blonde hair, normally with a huge smile on his face and alittle blush. In Project: Exonaut, however, he resembles an old version of a deep sea diver, with a diving helmet and suit made of metal. It should be noted that he has a blue circle on his chest, most likely a power core, something writen in passing on various concept art explinations. Notice: On his picture in the list of exosuits on the website, Flapjack's helmet has a much larger window than the actual suit. This is most likely a contuinuity error.


The Marvelous Misadventures of Flpajack


Project Exonaut gameplay - Flapjack

Project Exonaut gameplay - Flapjack


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