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The Holiday Bash logo

The Holiday Bash is an special event which lasts during December/mostly during December. It is currently in effect. It has a greater effect than the previous Haloween Slam event


Many parts of the Project Exonaut game are decorated to Christmas theme.

  • After the EventBundle aspect loads, the loading screen is decorated by playing Christmas music and snowflakes appear to be falling in front of it. Also, the color only shifts to different hues of blue instead of red-yellow.
  • The menu screens (Home and Hangar) have a decorated background and the bottom is a snowy floor. The exosuits standing on the left stand in a circular patch and there is an old wooden sign pointing left on the right of it.
  • All boosts are changed to look like blue-wrapped, 3-dimensional cubical Christmas presents with question marks on them, even when it's not a mystery boost.
  • Helix Grenades look like and are now called 'Snowballs.'

Points affectedEdit

Besides the new, decorative menu screens, loading screens and 'Christmas present' boosts, some effects are placed on the gameplay.

Exosuits unlockedEdit

All Adventure Time exosuits - Finn, Jake, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum and Ice King are unlocked for all players of their factions, including guests.

Ice King modEdit

In addition to being unlocked for all Banzai players, Ice King has an impressive improvement over his stats which makes it controversially by far the toughest exosuit in the entire game. His Shield goes up from 4 to 5 (making it the only exosuit in the Banzai Squadron to have such a high shield) and his Speed goes up from 2 to 4, making it both a fast and very strong exosuit.

Bonus XPEdit

Experience points are awarded twice as much when hacks are scored by Adventure Time exosuits and Snowballs (hand-thrown and from cannons).

Exclusive badgesEdit

Excluive mission badges can be earned during this event, such as for playing one match during the event and for scoring hacks with Snowballs and Snowball Cannons.