Exo Weapons Rifle 96x96

The Marksman is a standard weapon on Project Exonaut. This is a far range weapon that specializes in taking down opponents form a safe distance.

Weapon ModsEdit

Fangs of Fury (Dragon Mod): With a faster rate of fire and longer range,this mod adds even more "bite" to the already intimidating Marksman.

Wave Amplifier (Ultimate Echo Echo Mod): Charging its trigger mechanism with sonic energy gives the Marksman a faster firing rate to keep enemies at bay.

Fired Up (Ultimate Swampfire Mod): This mod superheats the Marksman's ammo, which reduces it to 3 shots per clip but greatly increases its range, damage, and speed.

Overgill (Darwin Mod): By cramming all your ammo into one clip, this fishy mod makes sure you're never caught reloading your Marksman.

Arc Furnace (Heatblast Mod): This mod is designed to build up extreme heat from within the Marksman, resulting in slow but extremely damaging shots.

Hair Trigger (Phantom Mod):  This mod increases the sensitivity of the Marksman's trigger interface, allowing it to fire repeatedly at a faster rate.

Nuclear Fission (NRG Mod): This mod causes a fission reaction in the Marksman that enlarges its ammo clips, the resulting energy aslo propels shots farther.

Celestial Warp (Alien X Mod): By slightly warping the time-space continuum,this mod increases the Marksman's range and damage

Jawbreaker (Princess Bubblegum Mod): This sugary mod hypes up the Marksman's power to the extreme, making it so damaging it requires a reload after each shot.

Chimera Strike (Vilgax Mod): The alien technology in this mod makes the Marksman twice as threatening by giving it two projectiles at once.

Thunder Lizard (Tina Rex Mod): What's that thundering noise.It's a Marksman with this long-range mod hitting you from all the way across the map


Target Practice: Score 10 Hacks with this weapon

Sharpshooter: Score 100 Hacks with this weapon

Deadeye: Score 1,000 Hacks with this weapon