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Cartoon Network Univese : Project Exonaut is a MMOG (Massively Multiplay Online Game) consisting of Cartoon Network characters. In the game, there are various mechanical armors known as Exosuits, based all on Cartoon Network cBionic Titan, Johnny Test, Powerpuff Girls, and The Amazing World of Gumball. A few of the Exosuits are based off the main characters from their show (IE: Dexter, Grim, Chowder). The rest are original suits in the game.

Banzai SquadronEdit

Banzai focuses mostly on speed and agility, although there are some suits with high durability or strength. Banzai has various suits such as Beemo, Johnny Test, and Samurai Jack. Their symbol is the image of a black hawk in a yellow egg shape with red thunderbolts in its claws, similar to the bald eagle with arrows and olive branch of America. Banzai Squadron's three original suits are Ninja, Tempest, and Dragon.

Atlas BrigadeEdit

Atlas focuses mostly on strong and powerful exosuits, but there are some with level five speed, topping a few of those of Banzai's. Atlas has various suits such as Jake, Gwen, and Grim, the last of which is considered by many to be the faction's best. Their symbol is a green hammer with string coming off the end with their name on it. Atlas Brigade's three original suits are Phantom, Sentinel, and Behemoth.