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Level: 40
Faction: Atlas Brigade
Price: 5000 coins
Alias: None

Vilgax is a playable Exosuit of the Atlas Brigade on Project Exonaut. His Weapon Mod gives the Marksman the ability to shoot two projectiles in one shot. Vilgax is available for purchase at level 40 for 5000 coins.

In The ShowEdit

Vligax was an alien fighting the plumbers (Space Police) who became the enemy of Benjamin Tennyson (Ben 10) who he fought in the end of season one, after his repeated failures when he sent droids to retreave the Omnitrix. He later reapeared in the third season of Alien Force, and was directly responsible for the The Ultimatrix appearing as Ben's weapon in Ultimate Alien. Vilgax generally works alone aside from his army of robot minions, but he has allied himself with Albeto (An opposite clone of Ben), Psyphon (His minion) and at one point? Zs'Skayr (Another alien enemy of ben).


Ben 10 (Alien Force) / (Ultimate Alien)


Project Exonaut - Vilgax

Project Exonaut - Vilgax