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The Wildfire is a standard weapon on Project Exonaut. It has a rapid fire rate that can take down unsuspecting opponents. 

Weapon ModsEdit

Shuriken Shot (Ninja Mod): Based on the effciency of ancient thrown weapons, this mod gives the Wildfire bigger clips and shorter reload times.

Rock Out! (Marceline Mod): The Wildfire really rocks with this mod,which pushes its rate of fire through the roof while also improving accuracy. 

Target Lock (Corus Mod): By dedicating a seperate processor to targeting, the Wildfire achieves much greater accuracy and slightly more damage.

The Hammer (Mordecai & Rigby Mod): This mod beefs up the Wildfire's range and clip size, allowing it to hammer opponents from farther away.

Supreme Weapon (Manus Mod): Based on Galaluna technology, this mod enhances nearly every aspect of the Wildfire,from range to clip size to accuracy.

Nanite Control (Van Kleiss Mod): Accuracy is normally one of the Wildfire's weakest points, but this mod infuses every shot with nanites, allowing for much greater precision.

Bleach Protocol (Agent Six Mod): Using Providence's "bleach" technology, this mod gives the Wildfire powerful     shot bursts that can wipe opponents off the map.

Keystone of Bezel (Gwen Mod): Like its namesake, this mod enhances existing strengths, making the already fast Wildfire even faster and doubling its shots.

Johnny X-treme (Johnny Test Mod): Fueled by the superpowered essence of Johnny X, this mod gives the Wildfire extremely long range.

Wild Child (Gumball Mod): Mirroring Gumball's enthusiasm, this mod makes the Wildfire even wilder, hitting anything and everything that gets in its way.

Underworld Overlord (Grim Mod): With this mod, the Wildfire can summon more ammo into each clip, meaning fewer reloads and more action.

Lump Off! (Lumpy Space Princess Mod): Driven by the power of sheer disdain, this mod launches Wildfire shots farther than usual. Like, totally far.


Strafer: Score 10 Hacks with this weapon

Onslaught: Score 100 Hacks with this weapon

Maelstrom: Score 1,000 Hacks with this weapon